Özel boyutlar 420×60 px

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Alchemists Roster

samBrian Kingster5'2''186 lbs
korChristian Netteron5'5''180 lbs
perChristofer Grass5'6''176 lbs
ctaDavid Hawkins6'3''202 lbs
bfaFranklin Stevens5'9''196 lbs
itaGriffin Peterson6'66''184 lbs
usaJames Messinal5'8''176 lbs
turMark Ironson6'1''189 lbs
sweNick Rodgers6'6''205 lbs
slvSpike Arrowhead5'5''180 lbs
solTaylor Redner5'6''176 lbs
isrThomas Black5'88''194 lbs